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Making a calendar website with Jekyll and GitHub pages

11 minute read Published: 2023-06-18

Recently, I've been working on a Jekyll-based GitHub Pages site that presents a paginated list of upcoming events. It also builds on the CodeRefinery git-calendar tool to generate and host ICalendar files to enable people to subscribe calendar apps to it. It's been an interesting look at inverting some of Jekyll's normal logic for blog posts and using GitHub Actions to build markdown posts from YAML.

Research Security Snippets #2 Secret stuff

9 minute read Published: 2023-06-08

A big thank you to Samantha Finnigan, RSE from Durham for helping co-author this post and advice on content

In this instalment of Research Software security snippets, we're going to talk about secrets! Not those deep and darkest things, but rather all those bits of information you need in your code for it to run that you don’t want shared with everyone else.

What I've been reading

4 minute read Published: 2023-05-21

This is a quick post to shout out about things I've been reading that I think are pretty interesting. Touching on writing Python like Rust, multiple interpreters with Python 3.12 and cool stuff with Django 4.2.

Leaving RSE, don't stop believing in RSE

4 minute read Published: 2023-05-03

This week marks my final week as an RSE at the University of Leeds. It has been a tremendous (just under) 4 years of work but now it's time to move on.

Building your PyInstaller App for multiple OSs with GitHub Actions

5 minute read Published: 2023-03-28

Previously, I’d written about building a graphical user interface (GUI) for a command line tool (CLI) with PySimpleGUI and packaging it up with PyInstaller. One drawback I noted with this (and is noted by PyInstaller themselves) is that you can’t cross compile. This is a pain when I want to be able to build the app for operating systems (OS) I don’t have access too or don’t really want to spin up a virtual machine just to build an executeable.